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EASE-Y Steps to Success | Fundraising with Evergreens

STEP 1 - Preparation:

  • Gather and review the EASE® fundraising sales material.
  • Establish your fundraising Timeline, sale dates and sale goals.
  • Obtain the type and quantity required of EASE® sales material by printing your own documents from our website useful tools, requesting a packet online or calling our fundraiser department (800) 525-2692 to order pre-printed materials.

STEP 2 - Sell, Sell, Sell:

  • Present your EASE fundraiser goals to your members in a Motivational meeting.
  • Increase your sales by advertising your event with our full-color poster.
  • Begin selling your products SAFELY. Advise your members to travel in pairs and never enter a private residence.
  • Seal your Sale™ by collecting payment at time of order.

STEP 3 - Submit Your Order:

  • Organize your orders and tally your results with our EASE® pre-formatted Tally Sheet in Microsoft Excel. Round your orders to case quantities then transfer your total case amounts to the Order Form.
  • Complete the Delivery Information, then return the Order Form and individual Gift Wreath order forms to us: by Fax: (503) 292-9182 or in the Postage Paid envelope. (Don't forget to include your Preferred Delivery Date.)

Now you can sit back and relax until you receive your products! Teufel Holly Farms will prepare your hand-crafted products and see they are delivered to your door by the selected delivery dates. (Your Customer Service Representative will contact you when your product ships.)

STEP 4 - Receive, Deliver and Close Your Fundraising Event:

  • Receive your ordered products.
  • Have your group members immediately deliver their orders while the greens are still fresh and beautiful.
  • Tally your profits and send us a check to balance your account. Our terms are net 30 days from date of invoice ensuring you have plenty of time to reconcile your books.
  • Hold an award ceremony for your members recognizing the top sellers and congratulating all who participated. Share how successful the event was including the profits your efforts generated.