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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do you have to order to get products when you want?
A. Two weeks before you want product to arrive and/or pick-up.

Q. Where do you get current pricing?
A. Please contact us and we will send a informational packet with current promotional sales material available and pricing.

Q. What is the minimum order?
A. There is not a minimum order but you do need to order full case quantities.

Q. There are two types of programs to choose from, what does that mean?
A. You can either buy case quantities and distribute yourself or take advantage of the gift shipper program. Five of our products ship from our facility via UPS ground from orders your group sells. You can choose one or the other or do both and increase profits.

Q. Where do we get promotional sales material and what is the cost.
A. After you review the information packet, you can decide what materials your group wants to use. Contact us and we will mail the material and all promotional material is FREE!

Q. How do I place an order?
A. Fill out current order form that is sent with the information packet.

Q. Are samples available?
A. Yes, FREE of charge, if you live outside of the Portland Metro area, please allow enough time for UPS ground shipments to arrive

Q. When is our payment due?
A. 30 days from delivery/pick-up date.

Q. What type of product guarantee do you have?
A. We fully guarantee our products, please contact us with any issues.

Q. Are there any discounts?
A. Yes, for the case program you can receive either a 3% discount when you pick up your order, or receive 10% when you sell 100 or more cases. These discounts cannot be combined. 

For the gift shipper program, you receive 5% if your group fills out the excel spreadsheet that downloads into our UPS system.

Q. Are you environmental friendly?
A. Please see our "Green Promise" on our website

Q. Is there a delivery charge?
A. Local delivery (Portland/Metro Area) starts at $75.00 and if cases are shipped via UPS, please use the "Freight Estimating" worksheet.